Beginnings of a Journey

*warning* This post might be a little long and maybe a little sappy, but do not hesitate to continue... 

Starting off as a photographer in a new state not knowing anyone can be a really difficult, especially in a smaller town. Since networking and knowing people is really essential, I basically only ever ended up shooting Luke and his little sister Faith (my now sister-in-law). Now mind you Luke HATES having his picture taken, but loves me. I usually end up getting these silly pictures.... 

Faith always let me get weird and sometimes experimental, plus we always went for walks which was great! 

Every now and again my wonderful friends Hayley and Hunter (whom I met and befriended at Columbia) would come adventuring, exploring, and roaming unknown and dangerous places with me! Although they probably weren't really that dangerous to begin with...

Not to long after all my adventure with Hayley and Hunter, I met some new folks to go on photo adventures with. My dear friends Liz and Christian. Some of my favorite photos are the blurry silly photos where Liz and I pretend to be romantically in love, which happens more often then you'd imagine. 

After a couple months I found a job working at Buffalo Wild Wings and would awkwardly ask my pretty co-workers/friends if they'd be interested in shooting. I'm really grateful they didn't just think I was some wacko! I even had the pleasure of shooting one of their weddings! Thank you Lauren, Lindsey, and Sam! 

Since then I've kind of branched out and met lots of wonderful and beautiful people. I quit my job at B-Dubs and now work at the cutest local coffee shop (Sip Coffee House). It's been such a blessing and literally every day I meet new and amazing people and it's such a great networking experience. Here are some of my favorite shots since.... 

Since these shoots, I've had the pleasure of working with two clothing lines! Tipsy Gypsy and Wooden Jacket.

I've been working with Haven on and off for a few years now and every time we get together it's as if the time between wasn't even that long. This girl is really going places. 

Evvie and Justin are absolutely the most awesome people to work with and I am so excited about everything that is to come.  

Slowly but surely I'm able to do what I love most, and it is the biggest blessing I could ever receive (right next to marrying the most amazing guy!) I'm so excited to see what comes next with everything! 

So lastly I want to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, supported me, been shot by me, and or shot me; To everyone who's been willing to brave the freezing barefoot in nothing but a coat, to those who have been willing to get dirty and muddy and treck through murky water, to those who have been willing to explore abandoned worlds and magical ideas. You are all truly the greatest blessing and I am happy to call you all my friends! I can't wait to see what's in store! 


Elizabeth Grace